Monthly Archives: January 2009

Is anyone out there?

It’s now 3 weeks in and judging by the stats for the site everyone has gotten bored already!

Sorry the content has been a bit thin, I was hoping that the content would be provided by the witty and interesting comments everyone added – but no one has.  Please tell me what’s going off then we can post it here and build up some interest in both this site and whatever you’re up to.

Anyway I’ve have heard this week a rumour of something very exciting that could be coming to Denaby soon.  Can’t say too much becuase negotiations are ongoing but I can say it’s something in Denaby, by a Denaby lad that could be a huge for Denaby, more news when we can!

I’m off now I’m investigating a tool for mapping walks, hopefully I can map a few around Denaby and post the links here, then we’ll have some content which would be cool.


First Full Week

Hello again

After the first full week, the facebook group is now up to 22 members and this site has had about 30 views, which is all good.

What I’d really like next though is for people to start adding comments, requesting things, offering to help with things or suggesting things.

Anyone that visited before Thursday will notice that we have a photo header that we didn’t have before.  This is the view into Denaby from Bambury Bridge, the reason I’m using this is that Denaby isn’t mentioned on the sign on the left, does anyone else think it should be?  Has anyone spotted a sign that does mention Denaby?

That’s all for now, please tell your freinds to check our site, add comments and come back soon!