Monthly Archives: February 2009

Another Great Week

This week the Facebook group ‘Make Denaby Better’ hit 50 members which is brilliant, keep inviting your friends to join, the more we can get in that one place the more notice people will have to take.

We also saw more traffic to this site this week which is also great news, again the more use we get the more people like DMBC will have to take notice of what we say.

The only thing is it does have to be what ‘we’ say and not just me.  To give you some idea of what I mean, we had a post in the Facebook group this week that I’m adding to the ‘I’d Like’ page.  This site is about sharing ideas, opinions and inspiration so please comment.

I also found another Facebook group for Denaby people this week, one of their discussion points was ‘Bring back Denaby United’.  In that group someone asked how, so has anyone here got any good ideas?



Snow week!

Snow for most of this week and seeing friends and neighbours with their kids out in the street building snowmen and having snowball fights was fantastic.  Even better that I got home from the office early to join in a couple of times.

As I write this a little more white stuff is falling, fingers crossed for another early finish/snowball fight tomorrow!

Not sure there has been much news on the making Denaby better front this week, but my wife did hear Denaby people referred to as ‘rif raf’.  Now I wouldn’t suggest that there’s no rif raf in Denaby (or anywhere else) but I don’t think you can tar everyone with the same brush.  The attitude that you can insult the entire village is the very reason we need to work together and prove Denaby is not ‘Rif Raf’.

As I’ve said before please do add your comments, if you have opinions, news or suggestions I’d love to add them to this site and if you like, even set up additional authors as I don’t think I can do this alone!


Other places do this sort of thing too!

This week I had a trip to London and I didn’t expect to find many ideas for how to make Denaby better there.  I thought they would just be working on a completely different budget and scale!

And London probably is, but I met a bunch of people from all over the country that are trying new things for their communities.  From Bridgwater in Somerset to Kensington in Liverpool, Bradford to Saltburn way up in the North East these are not the shiny happy communities either, but real places with real problems and real people like Denaby.

I’ve put some links to the projects that I met with in the links page, do go and have a look, and if something gets you excited post a comment here.  If a few people want to try something we can get together and make it happen just like those other communities.

Have a great week, hope the snow keeps up, even Denaby looks clean under a white blanket!