Monthly Archives: March 2009

Sorry about the Break

It’s been a while since I posted here, for a few different reasons.  Last week I wasn’t able to for personal reasons and in addition I have to say it is blooming hard to come up with content to go here every week. That’s one reason why if anyone else has wants to add content I’d love for them to let me know with a comment here or in the Facebook group.  Using WordPress makes this whole thing easy so don’t be shy!

In a previous post I mentioned that this type of community website is springing up all over the country.  Since then I have heard of a project to promote this being sponsored by Channel 4.  The project is called Talkaboutlocal and more information is available here.

I’ve also been approached this week about a project to mark 25 years since the miners strike, more news soon but anyone with particular memories could start adding them as comments here.