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Anyone for Football

Another significant break, apologies for regular readers but more about what I’ve been up to in the next few posts.

Just wanted to add a quick post today about a football match taking place on Sunday 16th August on the Welfare Groud (ex Denaby United).  This is to raise funds for the family of Robert Pears, anyone who wants to support that cause, get yourself along there on Sunday.


Good times?

The last post was telling everyone about the Denaby Main Miners Gala, and I can now report that said gala took place, was well attended and did involve lots of people who at least appeared to enjoy themselves.  I certainly thought it was excellent, well organised, interesting and fun so congratulations to RH your hard work paid off!

Also those of you who have been paying attention will remember we linked to fix my street and I reported the state of Bolton Street. I can’t confirm it is just because of this but I have noticed lots of markings in the road and elsewhere in Denaby some roads are being patched up.  About time too, now maybe some one could report something else (maybe fly tipping or graffiti) and we’ll see if we can really get somewhere.

Keep coming back and let’s see what we can change for the better.


Miners Gala

I think everyone in Denaby should by now have received notice about the Denaby Main Miners Gala on Sunday 31st May 2009.  For anyone who hasn’t or any exiled Denaby-ites who may be interested this is what we’ve been told about this ‘All Day Party!’

In the Miners Welfare (Tickhill Square) – Miners Banners, film projections, Brass bands and Anne Scargill & Betty Cook of NWAPC.

On the cricket field – live bands: rock, punk funk and hip hop, DJ workshops, fairground and BBQ at the pavilion.

And in the evening Keith Thomlinson (folk musician), bingo, more live bands and a special mystery guest??

Having organised a much smaller event about 3 years ago I know a lot of work has gone into this, let’s hope the sun shines and everyone has a great day.  See you there!


Fix my Street

Regular visitors (whoever you are thankyou!) will notice one or 2 changes to the site from today.  Firstly I noticed that the ‘I’d like’ and ‘I’m offering’ pages had been up for months with no comments or otherwise so they’ve gone.  Any suggestions for new pages, post them as a comment and they’ll be considered.

One new page has appeared to make up for those removals, Fix my Street gives a link through to a really useful web application called, you guessed, Fix my Street.  Have a look and try out their application.  And even better we have our first feed.

On the right of all our pages you will see a list of problems that have been reported using Fix my Street in the Denaby and Conisbrough area (smallest area that a feed is available for).  So when you report a problem you update this site, so thanks for that too.

New pictures planned and maybe a survey or quiz too, watch this space.


Latest News

Although the news from Edlington yesterday over shadows any news from Denaby this week there was a bit of good and bad news around the village last week.

The good news comes from hearing that a Denaby lass, currently exiled up the hill in Conisbrough, is running the London Marathon this year.  Visit her justgiving page to donate to a very good cause, and good luck RH.

But we also heard this week that Denaby Main Forum has closed for business.  This local charity has worked through various forms since 1994 to try and influence positive change in our area.  Our best wishes to the staff and volunteers who worked so hard for so long.

More news as we hear it, and maybe some changes on the site soon.


Sorry about the Break

It’s been a while since I posted here, for a few different reasons.  Last week I wasn’t able to for personal reasons and in addition I have to say it is blooming hard to come up with content to go here every week. That’s one reason why if anyone else has wants to add content I’d love for them to let me know with a comment here or in the Facebook group.  Using WordPress makes this whole thing easy so don’t be shy!

In a previous post I mentioned that this type of community website is springing up all over the country.  Since then I have heard of a project to promote this being sponsored by Channel 4.  The project is called Talkaboutlocal and more information is available here.

I’ve also been approached this week about a project to mark 25 years since the miners strike, more news soon but anyone with particular memories could start adding them as comments here.

Another Great Week

This week the Facebook group ‘Make Denaby Better’ hit 50 members which is brilliant, keep inviting your friends to join, the more we can get in that one place the more notice people will have to take.

We also saw more traffic to this site this week which is also great news, again the more use we get the more people like DMBC will have to take notice of what we say.

The only thing is it does have to be what ‘we’ say and not just me.  To give you some idea of what I mean, we had a post in the Facebook group this week that I’m adding to the ‘I’d Like’ page.  This site is about sharing ideas, opinions and inspiration so please comment.

I also found another Facebook group for Denaby people this week, one of their discussion points was ‘Bring back Denaby United’.  In that group someone asked how, so has anyone here got any good ideas?